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Free Worldwide delivery for orders over £150!!

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Please get in touch for your customised jewellery.

What our fans are saying...

"I am in love with my dragon ring who joins his cousin my wee unicorn. I think these designs are not only brilliant in design but contain magical properties which bring good fortune and confidence to those who wear them.

They are masterfully made and the colors are beautiful and they will be a joy to wear for many years to come.

Thank you!" Nora McNeely Hurley (California, USA)


"Omg, omg. So lovely. So beautiful. Incredibly shiny. Well made. Absolutely stunning and pretty packaging.

Thank you so much. Well worth the price." Joslyn Garcia (New York, USA)


"FANTASTIC! S0 ADORABLE! Quality in every piece as I have several. A pleasure doing business with.

Unexpected and pleasant surprises! If you are thinking about buying a piece..STOP THINKING...just DO IT!!

You will not be disappointed! Smiles and laughter will enter your world!!" Kari Mueller (Minnesota, USA)


"I'd had my eye on this one for a while, and I was not disappointed, the design and use of materials makes this a superb ring" Jack Jennings (West Midlands, UK)


"Thank you, again!! Hannah just loves her dragon friend and wears him almost every day.  

Couldn't be happier!!" Kelly Boone (Florida, USA)


"A WOW! Just gorgeous. I love this Unicorn ring. Beautiful work. Just lovelyCustom work, but arrived in a timely manner from London, all the way to San Francisco,CA. Thank you, thank you." Mary Jane McCarthy (California, USA)


"Such a neat product! The packaging was awesome, even came with a handwritten note! Definitely worth the money." Holly Stimson (Surrey, UK)


"Excellent! Exactly as I expected PLUS! I've gotten tons of compliments. You won't be disappointed!"

Alan Lytle (Arkansas, USA)


"Beautiful ring, and a great fit. So glad I found this!", "Very kind e-mail communication, and fast shipping.

Could not be happier!"  Mieke Tak (Hague, Netherlands)


"Gorgeous and unique, shipped quickly, thank you!" Fran Amery (North Somerset, UK)


"It's gorgeous! It is the perfect balance of fantasy without being overwhelming."  Natasha VanSwol (Wisconsin, USA)


"Gorgeous, gorgeous ring! I absolutely love it! The colors are beautiful together, & make for an awesome ring.

Thank you so much!" Kara Holmlund (Washington, USA)


"It is perfect! I got it for Christmas from my parents and it is amazing! So excited to wear this all the time!" Nora Brewington (Oregon, USA)