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Snowblaze Dragon Brooch


MONVATOO London design is all about the love in creatures, ancient empires, and the whimsical of fantasy world. We combine all these ingredients to create the magical animal kingdom!

Dragon is a Chinese symbol of power and majesty, representing the “yang” of the universe, life, growth, and eternal love. The dragon was usually seen as a fiercely fire-breathing brutal creature, but we see him in a different way. In our animal kingdom, the new definition of dragon was born. They come in spectrum shades, create their own tribe; elegant and modern with a sprinkle of fantasy.

This snow blaze dragon brooch is handcrafted from rhodium plated solid brass with gold crystal eyes.

Wearing this snow blaze dragon brooch, not only are you keeping the spirituality of precious metal and emperor creature close to your body, you are also carrying protection with you effortlessly and elegantly.

Rhodium helps clean your negative feelings and made you calm. It blocks any kind of negative energy and harmful spiritual influences from outside. It helps you stay young and at ease with beautiful mind.

Dragon is a mysteriously spiritual creature. Once a dragon has arrived in your life, follow your instinct and let him show you the new magically fortunate world.

- Features 2 gold crystal in his eyes

- Rhodium plated solid brass

- Elegant metal high polished finish

- Copper-coated brass base

- Brooch size (mm): H31 x W21 x D13

- Designed and handcrafted in London