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Lord Baldor Parfum Nacklace


Lord Baldor, the Protector of Vanilla Woods, Extrait de Parfum 3ml

A great guy who loves exploring the nature and woodland. He spends time with his beloved friends in the forest, growing up and living his life there. The pine, vanilla, sandalwood, cedar wood and white oak; these woods have became his scents. With his natural scent of spiced florals yet warm and mysterious notes, everyone loves to be near him. He is now the no.1 bachelor in the kingdom!

Head notes: flower water
Heart notes: black pepper, pine, Patchouli
Base notes: vanilla, tonka beans, cedarwood, Sandalwood, white oak

- Necklace ciscumference (cm): 72
- Perfume bottle (cm): 7H x 1.8W x 1.8L
- Use as a jewellery (necklace) and a fragrance touch-up during your day out
- Unisex Fragrance
- Extrait de parfum or pure perfume with 25% fragrance concentration.
- This Parfum Intense contains the most precious raw materials in comparison to eau de toilette or eau de parfum versions.
- Due to a lower dose of alcohol, a parfum offer a closer-to-the-skin performance, created a more initmate scent over your skin.
- Suitable for people with sensitive skin as this parfum intense contains less alcohol than other fragrance types and therefore is not as likely to dry out the skin.
- Rollerball portable size perfume
- Interchangable glass bottle (refillable)