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Diamond Gold Phoenix Ring


Treat yourself or your loved one with our iconic MONVATOO London phoenix ring in 22ct gold vermeil with diamond eyes. This little creature will become your life-time treasure.

MONVATOO London design is all about the love in creatures, ancient empires, and the whimsical of fantasy world. We combine all these ingredients to create the magical animal kingdom!

A mythical sacred bird with a colourful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet, which lived for several hundred years before set itself on fire from its own heat. After 3 days, it emerged from its own ashes, reborn and released from the sentence of death, able to live on forever. This immortal ‘royal bird’ symbolises life, magic, purity, renewal, longevity, protection, immortality and represents one’s  greatest aspirations and treasures in life.

Two phoenixes together represent yin and yang. The female phoenix is the yin energy while the male one is yang. Together, they create the immortal partnership, ensuing the happily ever after lives.

The diamond gold phoenix fiery burnt itself into the fire ashes and, 3 days afterward, it magically emerged from its own ashes, formed into the beautiful shade of gold and scarlet feathers, reborn and lives the immortal life.

This diamond gold phoenix ring is uniquely handcrafted with 22ct gold vermeil on the feathers over his sterling silver body. His eyes are set with 2 magnificent marquise diamonds. The ring is very comfortable to wear and gives you the elegant yet eccentric look. The ring band is also adjustable so he will fit comfortably on any fingers.

Wearing this diamond gold phoenix ring, not only are you keeping the spirituality of precious metal and mythical creature close to your body, you are also carrying protection with you effortlessly and charmingly.

Diamond is the hardest and the most valuable gemstone. This “king of gemstone” is unique in its powers of light reflection and dispersion. It symbolises purity, innocence, eternity and faithful to oneself and others. It means invincibility, beauty and power and transmits these values to the wearer by gives you strength of character, willpower and self-confidence. It attracts wealth and good fortune into your life. In the ancient times, it’s believed that if worn on the left hand side, diamond gives the wearer victory over his enemies both in court and in war, gives the wearer courage and daring. It preserves him from strife, riot and wild beasts, and drove away ghosts, nightmares and phantasms.

Diamond is the birthstone for the month of April and represents the birthstone for Aries astrological signs and the birthstone of Dog sign in Chinese zodiac.

The combination of gold and silver enhance each other properties perfectly well.

Traditional folklore and crystal healing metaphysical lore say gold can remove negative energy from the chakras and bring in the positive from the stones and surroundings it is with. It can also balance the heart chakra.

Gold is traditionally the colour of riches, kings and the sun. It’s all about fullness, abundance and so much more. Gold became a symbol of immortality and power in many ancient cultures. Wearing gold everyday will increase your personal power. It will also infuse you with confidence, courage, willpower, wealth and prosperity. It will open a sea of opportunities and bring luck and fortune to all that you set out to do. It also associated with the zodiac sign Virgo.

Silver is related to the moon, and it is known to carry moon energies as well as yin energy, especially during new moons and full moons. As silver is reflective, the moon reflects light coming from the sun; and it does the same for whoever wears it. Silver reflects negativity away from you which makes it a metal of magical protection and security.

Silver is a mineral that mirrors the soul, strengthens the connection between astral and physical bodies and enhances intuitive and psychic energies. It has always been identified as amplifying the energies of the moon and it is associated with protection, peace and love.

- Features 2 natural marquise diamonds set on his eyes

- 22ct gold vermeil over sterling silver 925 phoenix ring

- Elegant metal finish

- Nickel-free ring to prevent skin allergic reactions

- One size fits all (adjustable band). Default diametre: 17.35mm
(size O-UK & Australian, 7-USA, 17 1/4-German, 15 1/4-Swiss, 55 1/4-French & Russian, 14-Japanese)

- Designed and handcrafted in London, England

- Ring size (mm): H25 x W21 x D20

- Weight: 7.35g