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Customised Ignited Silver Phoenix Ring


Treat yourself or your loved one with our iconic MONVATOO London phoenix ring in precious metal of your choice. This little creature will become your life-time treasure.

A mythical sacred bird with a colourful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet, which lived for several hundred years before set itself on fire from its own heat. After 3 days, it emerged from its own ashes, reborn and released from the sentence of death, able to live on forever. This immortal ‘royal bird’ symbolises life, magic, purity, renewal, longevity, protection, immortality and represents one’s  greatest aspirations and treasures in life.

Two phoenixes together represent yin and yang. The female phoenix is the yin energy while the male one is yang. Together, they create the immortal partnership, ensuing the happily ever after lives.

The ignited phoenix fiery burnt itself into the fire ashes and, 3 days afterward, it magically emerged from its own ashes, formed into the beautiful shade of gold and scarlet feathers, reborn and lives the immortal life.

Our ignited phoenix ring comes with a luxury gold body and sophisticated detail on his feathers in rose gold. The ring band is adjustable so he will fit comfortably on any fingers. The ring is also very comfortable to wear and give you the elegant yet eccentric look.

Wearing ignited phoenix ring, not only are you keeping the spirituality of precious metal and mythical creature close to your body, you are also carrying protection with you effortlessly and charmingly.

- Elegant metal finish

- Nickel-free ring to prevent skin allergic reactions

- One size fits all (adjustable band). Default diametre: 17.35mm
(size O-UK & Australian, 7-USA, 17 1/4-German, 15 1/4-Swiss, 55 1/4-French & Russian, 14-Japanese)

- Ring size (mm): H25 x W21 x D20

- Weight: 7.5g

You can customise this little phoenix, give him your preferred fiery marquise gemstones.

Customise options:

1. Your little phoenix body
- Solid Sterling Silver with gold/ rose gold vermeil
Solid 18ct Yellow Gold with rose gold plated detail

We also offer palladium and platinum dragon body. Please contact us for the quote.

2. His fiery eyes
Natural gemstones of your choice (citrine, garnet, peridot, emerald, blue/ pink/ white sapphire, tourmaline, rhodolite, aquamarine, blue topaz, ruby, amethyst, etc.)

If you are not sure which gemstone is best for you, please feel free to contact us through email ( [email protected] ) or our social media inbox messages. We are always here to help.

Please see the guide for your birthstone here.

Birthstone by month:

January   - garnet
February   - amethyst
March   - aquamarine
April   - diamond
May   - emerald
June          - moonstone, alexandrite
July            - ruby
August       - peridot
September - blue sapphire
October      - tourmaline
November  - citrine
December  - blue topaz

Birthstone by zodiac sign:

Capricorn (22nd December - 20th January) - garnet
Aquarius (21st January - 19th February) - amethyst
Pisces (20th February - 20th March) - aquamarine
Aries (21st March - 20th April) - diamond
Taurus (21st April - 20th May) - emerald
Gemini (21st May - 21st June) - moonstone, alexandrite
Cancer (22nd June - 22nd July) - ruby
Leo (23rd July - 23rd August) - peridot
Virgo (24th August - 23rd September) - blue sapphire
Libra (24th September - 23rd October) - tourmaline
Scorpio (24th October- 22nd November) - citrine
Sagittarius (23rd November - 21st December)- blue topaz

Birthstone by Chinese zodiac sign:

Rat - garnet
Ox - aquamarine
Tiger - sapphire
Rabbit - pearl
Dragon  - amethyst
Snake - opal
Horse - topaz
Goat - emerald
Monkey  - peridot
Rooster  - citrine
Dog - diamond
Pig - ruby

Please indicate your preferred gemstone in the note at Paypal checkout process or send us a message at [email protected] or our social media inbox messages after you have made the purchase. Engraving service is also available.

* Please allow 14 - 30 days for us to handcraft your customised little phoenix ring.