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Burning Ash Phoenix Stud Earrings


MONVATOO London design is all about the love in creatures, ancient empires, and the whimsical of fantasy world. We combine all these ingredients to create the magical animal kingdom!

A mythical sacred bird with a colourful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet, which lived for several hundred years before set itself on fire from its own heat. After 3 days, it emerged from its own ashes, reborn and released from the sentence of death, able to live on forever. This immortal ‘royal bird’ symbolises life, magic, purity, renewal, longevity, protection, immortality and represents one’s  greatest aspirations and treasures in life.

Two phoenixes together represent yin and yang. The female phoenix is the yin energy while the male one is yang. Together, they create the immortal partnership, ensuing the happily ever after lives.

The burning ash phoenix burnt into the blacken dark ashes and, 3 days afterward, he emerged from his own ashes, formed into the beautiful golden feathers and plumage tail, rising up to the sky.

Our burning ash phoenix stud earrings come with an elegant black body and contrasting gold detail on their feathers. The stud earrings are very comfortable to wear and give you the elegant yet eccentric look.

- 24ct gold and black rhodium plated and coated

- Elegant metal finish

- Nickel-free stud earrings to prevent skin allergic reactions

- Clear E-coating to prevent from wear and tear

- Copper-coated brass base

- Handcrafted design created in London, UK

- Phoenix size (mm): H24 x W18 x L22

- Weight: 6.77g