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Black Garnet Dragon Stud Earrings


These black garnet dragon stud earrings are handcrafted from black rhodium plated brass with enamelled detailing. They are comfortable to wear and adorable.

- Black rhodium plated over brass, distinctive hand-painted, glistened and enamelled

- Elegant metal high polished finish

- Nickel-free stud earrings to prevent skin allergic reactions

- Clear E-coating to prevent from wear and tear

- Copper-coated brass base

- Designed and handcrafted in London, England

- Stud Earrings size (mm): H6 x W15 x D15

- Weight: 4.56g

Dragon is a Chinese symbol of power and majesty, representing the “yang” of the universe, life, growth, and eternal love. The dragon was usually seen as a fiercely fire-breathing brutal creature, but we see him in a different way. In our animal kingdom, the new definition of dragon was born. They come in spectrum shades, create their own tribe; elegant and modern with a sprinkle of fantasy.

The glistening deep intense orange colour of these black garnet dragon stud earrings was inspired from garnet gemstone which was used as protective talisman against negative energy in ancient Greeks and Romans medieval period. It balances the mind and emotions by helping you discard outdated ways of thinking and giving way to a new path of abundance and vitality. In China, it supports the flow of Chi throughout the body, which boosts the detox of negative emotions that manifest in the body. It brings you good luck and helps achieving goals specially for businessmen. Garnet is also a gemstone that enhances the laws of attraction, helps deepen your romantic love and brings good luck in love and relationships.

Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January and represents the birthstone for Aquarius astrological signs and the birthstone of Horse sign in Chinese zodiac. It is the stone for celebrating the 2nd anniversary marriage.

Black rhodium will bring water energy into your life. Their flowing and relaxing sensuality will wrap you in a cocoon of security and comfort. It promotes happiness, joy and good fortune. It will absorb the negative energies in your environment. It blocks any kind of psychic attacks and harmful spiritual influences. Black is also a very strong, formal, mysterious and elegant colour. Some cultures also regard it as good and right because it represents life and strength.

These black garnet dragon stud earrings are a matching set with our black garnet dragon ring, necklace and bracelet. They are comfortable to wear, sparkling orange with mysterious black detail and too adorable, yet they will fly away with you wherever your journey is.