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Please get in touch for your customised jewellery.

MONVATOO London was established in 2012, in our small workshop in London, with the love in creatures and the whimsical fantasy of our designer. Back then, from the lead pencil drawing to the wax carving on our first little wooden bench, move on to the casting, polishing, engraving and gold plating process, our very first little dragon ring was born! He has the dark brutal black body with precious gold eyes, horns and inner wings. His name is the "Black Knight Dragon" and since then, he has became our brand identity and is still the most wanted one in our animal kingdom!


In 8 years, our creatures were born and bred with love. They have expanded their breeds and built up a very strong bond and affectionate kingdom. They are waiting for you to discover and get to know more about them. Welcome to our MONVATOO London Animal Kingdom!

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